Free Side A Download & Stream: Cal Vin drops the Revenge Of The Vin double album

Cal Vin has loads of bars and loads of bars means loads of music.

And for his fans he has dropped a double album, twenty songs in total, called Revenge of the Vin.

He made the Side A drop available for download, with 12 songs, for free via his socials as well as giving heat to the radio stations.

Judging by the reaction on the socials Kardashian seems to be a favourite for many on a piece of work whose A Side is more intimate and the B Side more street.

We will give it a listen, let it percolate a bit, before doing a review. Although you can’t ignore:

French kissed your girl now she got the evidence…
Y’all about that monkey that business, me I’m a bigger ape

Meanwhile it is available for download via the links below:

Revenge of the Vin (Side A) ->

Revenge of the Vin (Side A) Radio Edit (clean) – >

Or stream it here:

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