France demands models must submit doctor’s notes

A French court has past a ruling in which models will now be expected to hand in doctor’s notes proving that they are not too thin to work.


In recent years, France has led the war against anorexia in models and the latest ruling will push that agenda further.

Lawmakers have passed a bill that will require medical certificates to be part of a model’s papers as it pushes towards a ban on super skinny models.

Super skinny models have come under attack not only for the implications on their health but on impressionable teenagers who often then need to do unnatural things to try to get figures like those they see in the magazines. 30,000-40,000 people have been diagnosed with anorexia nervosa in France, many of them teenagers.

Employers who do not provide these certificates when they use models could face up to up to six months in jail and a whopping €75,000 fine.

Countries like Italy and Spain have also put laws in place to protect models and the general public while some publications have put their own restrictions in place.

With information from CBC