Five songs Heavy K simply has to perform in Zimbabwe this weekend

So as you know, house music star Heavy K the Drumboss is in Zimbabwe for a mini-tour.

Heavy K

He starts off at Pablo’Z on Friday night then Solomon’s Night Club in Kwekwe on Saturday then Eden Night Club on Sunday.

Now of course, real talk, if you are house head, you want to hear every single song he is done.

But there are five essential selection songs you need on your Heavy K appreciation list

1. Beautiful War ft Professor

When this track dropped in 2013, we all went wild. The drumline, the rhythm, the synths. He simply has to play this one. Or else, well, well he’d just better OK

2. Wena ft Mpumi

What dancefloor in Harare and pretty much the rest of Zimbabwe did not go buckwild when this song came on? And when Mpumi went wena wena weeeenaaaa we all joined in as the DJ pulled the volume down.

3. Sweetie ft Ntokwazi

This was an ear worm track. You were chilling, minding your business in life just nje. The song plays and you your foot taps a little and song is stuck in your head for a wee bit.

4. Umoya ft Professor and Mpumi

This was one of those tracks that kicked in a lounge as much as it did at 1.55am at Pablo’Z. Like everyone wanted the juice on this. The heads, the commercial cats, kumaraini, ekasi, kocheese boy, tholukuthi it just kicked she,

5. Inde ft Bucie and Ntokwazi

He dropped the teaser last month and we caught the feels. And sifuna the whole thing Heavy K, live and in charge in Harare.

Pablo’Z tickets were fast running out when we last checked. In fact only 2 VIP tables were left and only 97 $10 tickets and 23 $30 tickets.

Meanwhile, tell us what songs you want to see Drumboss perform live, or that you just like, below in the comments section.

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