Fifteen year old mbira sensation to launch new singles from second album

Fifteen year old mbira sensation, Tendai Mavengeni has done it again.  She launches two singles from her upcoming second album Tendai this Friday 18 November at Alliance Francaise.  The second album follows two years after the release of her debut album, Destiny released in 2014.

Tendai Mavengeni

Tendai Mavengeningeni

Tendai who writes all her lyrics on her own says she is keen to tackle issues to do with the girl child as daily, she encounters young girls who are constantly being abused. This is reflected in one of the songs to be released on Friday, Motoroodza. The second song Munzira Yakachena is a plea for protection to the gods from the evils that are haunting the world.
Producer of the album, Adrian Mparutsa says :

Being part of this creative process has been a good experience working with a very young artist who has so much depth.  Her writing is very profound and subjects you to a lot of introspection.  As the producer all I had to do was magnify her thoughts to bring out the musical product.

Talking to her parents recently who have been very supportive in Tendai’s artistic journey, both Chengetai and Boniface Mavengeni are like any other parents with some tough love for their daughter.  They say encourage Tendai to balance both her academic and artistic life, obviously with the academic taking precedence over all else. 

I would like to see her excel in both her art and academics to make her a full-rounded individual.

Although they are protective like parents should be, Tendai enjoys the freedom to write, arrange her music the way she wants. 

Says her father:

We argue sometimes, about lyrics and the way the music is arranged but we want her eventually to be able to stand on her own, so she must learn the business side of her art without us interfering but giving advice.  In the end the final decision on what stays is hers.

Born in December 2000 in Harare, Tendai is a student currently doing her form three at Malbereign Girls High.  Tendai has a passion for music, particularly traditional music, influences she acquired from the music she grew up listening to. She started playing Mbira (Nhare) at the very young age of 9, taught and mentored by respected mbira players Trymore Guchi Jombo and Brezhnev Guveya.  In the ensuing years she went on to she win a number of awards and medals at primary school level, performing at various platforms and events.
Said Tendai: 

I am excited on this project, I know I have grown from the first project.  I hope people will love the effort we have put in the project.