Fiesta To Reconfigure The Way You See Drummers

Often the drummer in the band fades into the sound. Noone knows him, unless you are dating him, related to him, a friend or are looking to be a groupie for the night.

In a first of its kind drummers from six of the top live artists in the game will headline an act at the Book Cafe this Thursday. With the full support of those for whom they provide backing, these drummers will take centre stage as they give you a show that reconfigures your idea of what those men with the sticks beating away are up to.

The six are:

  • Orbet Gomba ( Alick Macheso)
  • Carlton Mparutsa (Sulumani Chimbetu)
  • Simba Dembedza, (Victor Kunonga)
  • Denis Mushaishi (Roki and Chiwoniso Maraire)
  • Ngoni Chikuse (Netsayi & Black Pressure and New Life)
  • Mangoma ( Dudu Manhenga and Color Blu)

The idea is born of one of the hardest working mangers in the industry Tsungi Zvobgo under her New Sofala Entertainmet brand. You know that something that this crazy and off the wall would come from someone like her though.

The drummers [need]to stand out as much as possible.  The focus will be on how good they are, how creative they are, how hot they are.  That’s why its called the Drum Fiesta!

In her quest to develop more spaces for creativity in the arts we like her idea.

By the way, when we said full support from the artists they normally back, we didn’t mean they would just be sitting somewhere in the audience giving approval like kings in the mountains watching over their subjects. They will get on stage but the spotlight will fall squarely on the drummers.

Tickets are $10 an they are available at the door. The show starts at 8pm on Thursday 25 October.