Family Releases Statement Following The Death Of Walter Muparutsa

The statement is presented unredacted:

The Muparutsa Family announces with sadness the death of Walter Lambert Dehwe Muparutsa, an iconic larger-than-life figure in Zimbabwe’s film and theatre world.

Walter succumbed to complications that arose during a blood transfusion process on Thursday night, marking the end of a long and brave fight against non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. He was 72 years old.

He is survived by wife Sarah, seven children and 12 grandchildren. Mourners are gathered at his house at #29 Pollett Avenue in Belvedere.

Family spokesman Cledwyn Taka Muparutsa said, “My father had a special place in his heart for everyone. As a family we learnt to share him with the artistic community which we felt sometimes came first for him, so that we had to find our place within that space.

“As a father, he was never imposing, allowing everyone of us their say – consummately democratic. As a grandfather, he had a magical relationship with all his grandchildren. In the family outside the biological one to which we belonged, my father approached everything with a passion that saw him become a staunch advocate for freedom, particularly artistic freedom and democracy. Naturally, we all got caught up in his passion and became part of that artistic community. For him, life was art and art was life. We will sorely miss him…”

Walter will be buried in Harare on Sunday afternoon at Glen Forest at 2pm, following a 9am morning Church service at the Kuwadzana Methodist Church.

For fuller details and any enquiries, please contact Cledwyn Muparutsa on +263 774 410 310.

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