Fally Ipupa: Rumba’s Hottest Act

Fally Ipupa the singer-songwriter from the Democratic Republic of the Congo is probably the hottest thing in Rumba right now.

Fally started his musical career at a very young age where he performed on Congolese streets. He was noticed by the acclaimed group Quartier Latin, who then asked him  to play guitar for them.

He performed with various musical acts eventually becoming part of Koffi Olomidé’s famous band. Fally spent about Ten years with Koffi’s band. It is while playing with Koffi that Fally also learnt to compose music. Two of Koffi’s biggest hits, Eternellement on the album Force De Frappe in 2001 and Ko Ko Ko Ko on the album Affaire d’Etat were written by Fally.

His first solo album was released in 2006 and Droit Chemin sold over 100 000 units, spawning the hits Droit Chemin, Liputa and Kidiamfuka. In 2007 Fally won the Best Male Artist Cesaire Award and Best Artist or Group from Central Africa in the continental Kora Awards. In 2009, his album Arsenal de Belles Mélodies received much media attention and rave reviews, with hits like Chaise Electrique, a duet performed with Olivia from the group G-Unit of USA.

I had a chance to meet and watch Fally Perform at the 2011 Museke-Afrotainment Music Awards where Fally won the Artist of the Year award and three other awards. I was impressed by the professionalism that the man exudes both on and off the stage.

Fally represents the new breed of crossover African singers and although some his music is a fusion with R&B he still maintains his African musical elements.

The lesson for Zimbabwean artists is that they don’t need to change their sound in order to make it on the international stage, our very own Tuku is a good example who also proves this point.

We chose the song below simply for Fally’s audacity to add a line of broken English at the end of the song.

Click link below to listen to one of Fally’s song.

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