Failed Mi Casa Show Promoter Leaves Local Artists In The Lurch

After all the noise about how May 7 Entertainment failed to pay Mi Casa for a gig that was supposed to take place in Zimbabwe last Thursday very little noise was made of the effect this had on local artists.

A huge bill had been put together for the show, which was supposed  to feature Winky D, Ammara Brown, Tehn Diamond, Jnr Brown, Carl Joshua Ncube and the works as supporting acts. Even on the day of the show we heard guys like Trevor Dongo on Star FM talking about how he was going to be performing that night at this show.

Now what most people will not know is that the majority of the artists were not even presented with contracts for the show, which means they were not paid. It goes even further, most of the ones we talked to said that by the weekend there had been no communication from the promoter on the cancellation of the show. Essentially May 7 couldn’t be bothered to pick up the phone and tell the artists that the show had been cancelled. They had to find it all out on Facebook.

That is just infuriating if you ask us. It is pretty much how the local artist is treated we suppose, as an afterthought.

By the way we are still waiting for proof that Mi Casa was paid, as representative of the promoter claim.

This was posted on Facebook by one of them, a Mellisa Mafaro, on Thursday:

its funny how MI CASA is comin for HIFA and not MAY 7,u got your money & u requested for change of flights kos yu wer in Durban & cldnt make it for mornin flights…guys dnt make the promoter a bad person wen u knw u ddnt want to cum..People cldnt u see how u wer not sure of wat u wer doin,u post u comin & then u not cumin…jst bekz u wer not near zimbabwe, MAY 7 has brought bigger artist like ZAHARA ,rainbow towers sent you accomadation papers,flights u got papers,work prmits u got,jst bek of wat…..cum to ZIM & SEE batai mhunu..
no accomodation sure wen rainbow did the rooms no flights sure so why did u request for afternoon flights
no worq permits sure ,wen we faxed you the permits common say yo stori

How do they explain the non-payment of some of the local acts though? Yet they were happy to use them on their advertising.