Failed Mi Casa Show Promoter Blames His SA Agent

May 7 Entertainment has broken its silence on the whole failed Mi Casa show business.

The head, Max Mugaba said he did everything in his power to get the South African house group to Zimbabwe but claims he is still in the dark about what went wrong.

Local rag Daily News quoted him as saying that a misunderstanding involving the SA agent who was doing the negotiations over there on his behalf, was the reason the gig did not happen.

Mugaba claims he only found out through social media that the show was off. That, he claims is the reason why he did not get in touch with local artists to advise them that there would be no show.

Through the same paper, he claimed that May 7 had refunded all but 15 tickets.

That it has taken him a week to say this and still claim to be in the dark about what is going on still leaves a sour taste in the mouth. If he indeed has been conned by an agent then, well, that is a shame. You live, you learn right?

Mi Casa will be at HIFA though and they will share the stage with our very own Ammara Brown.

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