Face Of Zimbabwe Model Resigns Over Abortion Allegations

Gamu Maziva, Face Of Zimbabwe winner for the month of February has had to resign after allegations that she performed an illegal termination of  a foetus.

The beauty is alleged to have terminated a pregnancy and are charged under the Burial and Cremation Act for dumping a foetus. She is charged along with her boyfriend Nyasha Maridadi.

It is the State’s position that the two went to a bush in Msasa industrial area on 15 September 2012 where they are said to have terminated the pregnancy and then set the foetus on fire. They were then caught by passersby and reported to the police which led to their arrest.

In their statement, Face of Zimbabwe said that they would provide Gamu with support throughout the case as they believed in the innocent-until-proven-guilty mantra. They also added that in the event of her receiving a favourable judgement before the finals which will take place on 15 December, she will be given a ticket to re-enter the competition.

Gamu maintains that she is innocent, denying all allegations against her. She is on $100 bail.

Hectic times.

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