EXCLUSIVE: Maneta Talks About Her New Role On Africa Magic Series Lincoln’s Clan

Zimbabwean beauty and former Big Brother Africa contestant Maneta Mazanhi has been making moves in the entertainment industry.

3-mob.com pinged her from her South Africa base and had a chat with her about a new role she picked up on Africa Magic’s Lincoln’s Clan.

Maneta (R) on Lincoln's Clan

Maneta (R) on Lincoln’s Clan

We had this exclusive interview with Maneta.

3-mob.com: Tell us about your role on Lincoln’s Clan
ManetaI play the role of Simi which is a sub lead role. It’s been running from season 1 but I will replace whoever was playing it as from season 5 onwards. Lincoln’s Clan is a pan African story about a Nigerian billionaire and his family which is basically his 2 sons and wife and illegitimate daughter and of course the inevitable rivals, the story is based on love, power and betrayal among family members. Everyone within and outside that Lincolns clan holds information of high esteem. Back stabbing, sabotage and selfishness is very rife throughout the series and this is the bedrock for more power play and success. Despite the troubles the two sons bring to the family name in their struggle for power, the family head will spare no cost to protect their secrets. I play a sub lead character of Simi who is an opportunistic yet seductive executive PA to the family company but has her eyes on becoming a member of the family so she tries to get the younger son to marry her etc etc. It stars Norbert young, Doris simeon, Remi Kunle… Written and directed by Teejaysstar.

Maneta on Lincoln's Clan set

Maneta on Lincoln’s Clan set

3-mob.com: How did you land the role?
I went for the auditions and i got the part. Initially they were casting for a role nje but they got blown away by my performance and  I ended up getting the sub-lead role of Simi. But it’s been great playing Simi because she’s unlike me in so many ways. She’s sexy, seductive, sensual, nosy, manipulative, cunning etc etc. I don’t know the first thing about being sensual and stuff. I’m a tomboy at heart so this has been a great experience for me.

Maneta in one of the scenes of Lincoln's Clan

Maneta in one of the scenes of Lincoln’s Clan

3-mob.com: What do you like about your character and does she die? (yes we are being cheeky)
Right now I’m currently shooting season 5 to season 9 so for those seasons my character lives until season 9. After that it’s all up to the writers to decide hopefully they’ll keep her till the end. The one thing I would say i find interesting about the Simi character is that she knows what she wants and she is not afraid to fight for it and move heaven and earth to get it. She is extremely ambitious and driven and does not let anything stop her from achieving any of her goals.

3-mob.com: What other roles have you been playing and what should we expect next?
Maneta: Ok I’ll start by saying that the main challenge with acting in South Africa is the fact that they now have a regulation that mandates films to have 50% English and 50% vernacular. So you find that you’ll go to an audition and get a script that’s written in Tswana or seSotho. It’s really frustrating but then again it is what it is. So I’m trying to expand to other horizons that don’t limit talent.

This year I have acted in a couple of movies. I played sub-lead role in “Single and Committed”. Played the lead role in “Set me free”. Have had a few celebrity guest features in Rhythm City. I’m also the lead role in the feature film my first action movie which should play in cinemas here in SA and in Nu-metro the movie will be called “The Briefcase”. And now I’m on the series the “Lincoln’s Clan”. Shooting the Briefcase took about 4months and Lincoln’s Clan will take about 2months. As to what we can expect next seriously my mind is set on having Halle Berry on speed dial and making dinner plans with Brad and Angelina. So I’m quite optimistic that the Nu-metro movies will open bigger doors for me to expand to other continents. And to grow in my acting career.

Maneta on set

Maneta on set

3-mob.com:Do you ever miss, like, normal life?
To be honest here in SA I’m not really a huge celebrity so i can say my life is pretty normal. Well my day to day life hasn’t really changed much. I’m naturally a reserved person… Yes I am… And I’m shy so I keep to myself and mind my own business and focus on my life. Having family and friends keeps me grounded and down to earth. I’m not an egotistical person, so I’m quite chilled really. The fame part only starts becoming a problem when it comes to dating because I go for business corporate types. That’s my type so they usually have concerns with the whole public figure thing so it becomes a challenge only then, otherwise makhekhe. There are many perks that come with being known and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. You just need to know who you are as a person so that you won’t let the opinions of others dictate your life. That’s what keeps me happy… Doing me and living on my own terms and not what society or everyone else wants.