EXCLUSIVE AUDIO: Willis Wataffi tells us why he cut his locks

World music and Qaya Rootz singer Willis Wataffi has cut off his locks.

Willis Wataffi new look

After 20 years with the same look he has gotten rid of his hair.

We had a chat with him and he told us why:

I come from the only monarch that still exists in Mount Darwin from the tribe of Kore Kore… the Dunhu in Mount Dawrwin called Kachambwa. I am one of the two sons, the princes from the rainmakers family.  I lost my brother two weeks ago and so after you lose a blood line, you have to pay homage after you lose your bloodline so I had to lose my vanity which is my hair.

His brother Marshall F Wataffi Kachambwa, was involved in a car accident in December and as arilifted to Harare where here was in intensive care for a while.

Willis with his brother Marshall

According to Wataffi, he had been removed from ICU and looked like he was recovering but one day he took a turn for the worse leading to his passing away.

We also took time to catch up with the Wanga singer to find out about his music plans. Wataffi says an Uhuru Independence EP is on its way and two songs, favourites of his late brother, have videos already being done for.

Willis with his old look

Listen to #3mobRadio exclusive interview in full below:

Click here if it wont play.

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