EXCLUSIVE AUDIO: Munya Chidzonga on his role on Rhythm City

Star actor Munya Chidzonga is back in Zimbabwe after filming for his part in popular South African soap Rhythm City.


He spoke exclusively to 3-mob.com when he landed on Thursday.

Chidzonga talked extensively about the change in the way he had to perform:

It’s an eye opener. It’s a steep learning curve because they do things very differently. Because it’s a soapie you have to change gears… it’s either you’re ready for work or you leave set.

On whether he liked his character

I wouldn’t take is WhatsApp number but he’s a good dude…

Because the character is a Zimbabwean:

It comes with its pressures because [people] will scrutinise it [to see if I got it correct].

He tells us about how he got the part and says it will set in when his part screens in November.

Listen to the interview in full below:

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