Eric Knight In Affair With 19 Year-Old – Report

Former ZBC DJ and political chancer Eric Knight is reportedly involved with a 19 year-old.

This girl is believed to be in an affair with Eric Knight

This girl is believed to be having an affair with Eric Knight

According to ZimEye,  the married Knight’s affair was revealed after the young girl Ayanda Shekede admitted it to the news site.

She was quoted as saying this after admitting to have recently been intimate with the former MDC-T electon candidate:

This is a private affair I am not looking to become a celebrity’s wife.

In essence she was enjoying the affair and didn’t want it to be more than that.

Knight has been in the news of late after it was revealed that he was leaving the MDC-T to join Zanu-pf. He has been mum about this but Zanu-pf has pretty much confirmed with the MDC-T UK saying he was never really a member of the party.

This little bit of news about his other activities should give his public image a knock – or probably  not.

A 19 year-old hey…

  • Knowledge Manyika

    Public image a knock- Unlikely… as if we don’t tacitly accept the philandering ways of our men as a matter of course.

  • tsvangson

    aghh 20 or so years difference chete here, ko vedu mutungamiriri we nyika, 40 years difference….siyai eric akadaro mhani!

    • And the fact that he is married?

      • tsvangson

        the president in his interview admitted that he started courting his then girlfriend and had kids with her when he was still married to the former first lady saka ain nthng new there, vvanhu vari kungoda kuita news na eric nyt chete,

        • Well it shows that Eric Knight is relevant more than anything else. With most people, this would be ignored.