EP REVIEW: Tytan – Tytan EP

Tytan, a singing and rapping prodigy who earned a spot with Mukoko, is mainstream personified in his latest studio installment.

A former manager who helped mould the careers of Soul Afrika and Cynthia Mare, his work has always has a wicked kick to it. Apparently, it is a popular belief that it was the Queen of pop Ammara Brown who jump-started his musical career and yes it to a fair degree. However, it is this EP that seeks to rewrite that chapter as witnessed by limited features, save only for the spine-tingling “Zvawada” with Adrian Tate. Other than that, almost every song on it has a hit potential, showing he has that Midas touch all by himself.

Love-inclined, the Tytan EP bleeds with raw mainstream energy and youthful vitality. Comparably it carries  choruses and accompaniments that are enough to co-exist alongside the likes of Sauti Sol and Olamide in the afropop stratosphere (Juma and Jaya). It features a maturation of sound and substance, and more or less, is packed with sexual innuendos, while not dropping any explicit language. It is fair to say that Tytan has framed himself as the ardent romantic girls would want and boys would appreciate -vulnerable, brave, trustworthy and idealist(Bho).

The project also puts in extra hours to showcase his collective charm and where he’s heading as an adult artist. ‘Ndipe Mwoyo‘ and “Handirare“, for instance, are hard and sensitive songs about making it up to your beloved ones in their bleak moods.

Songs like ‘Penge Penge” and “Ndawira” sound like mantras for the millennials, but as they build to the afrobeat climax, they turn out into a kind of dance-floor magnet even listeners who’ve already left their twenties couldn’t resist.

Overall, the Tytan EP is a fair offering for beginners. It’s not quite guaranteed how long it is going to stay given that the lifespan of music is getting shorter every year, but we can recommend that it’s worthwhile. Almost everything was admirable,except ,of course,for a few instances we presume could’ve made better, ie the similarity in motif between Jaya and Zvawada.

In short, Tytan was successful in his portrayal of a dynamic love life.

Standout Tracks:


The EP is available for purchase on www.kynrecords

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