EP REVIEW: Adrian Tate – Adrian Tate EP

A perfect fusion of emotional elation and light-heart dance beats, Adrian Tate’s just released EP did nothing to upset the delicate and shimmering sound that he’s been nurturing since his debut.


Rather, it elevated him to a state of a far-reaching avant-garde.

The sky is where he’s aiming with this one, and his sheer brazen confidence is dazzling (Ekeskuzu Me). He never sounds like he’s trying too hard or scrounging for cred, which is where usually many young artists screw it. His melodies still enrapture just as the gentle chime of his guitars still feel like they’re tickling your skin (Hakuna Mumwe).

The EP displays various angles of erotic love and sometimes lyrics comes with a voyeuristic level of intimacy(Wakadaro). Many songs have captured this mundane beauty of love and affection, however, when Adrian do it, it’s so peculiar.This is so palpable in “Manyemwe.”

His even-keeled delivery shows a refreshing temparament and quite apparently it’s an instant dose of an unmatched aura. “Ndozviripo” captures this romantic optimistic feeling in the face of inadequacies. While every other musicians are promising worlds to their loved ones, Tate felt the need to carter for the have-nots. The “haves” have everything – money,cars and party at extravaganza venues – but the have-nots have love and that’s what keeps them happy. Sylent Nqo’s guitar is so outstanding and the house infectious melodic groove is so piercing.

Pakura” is throbbing, soda-popping, breathy and Adrian’s quivering delivery of the coy lyrics leaves you craving for more.

The centerpiece of one of the year’s best releases, this EP will leave you on the dancefloor. It arrives player-ready and almost every song it carries has a hit effect.Expect to hear a lot of it along this year, and maybe more years to come.

Standout Tracks:

Ekeskuzu Me


The EP is available for purchases at www.kynrecords.com.