Edgar Langeveldt In Shocking Attack On Carl Joshua Ncube

The feud between Zimbabwean comedians Carl Joshua Ncube and veteran Edgar Langeveldt rose to a new level today.

In a Facebook group called Proudly Zimbabwean, Langeveldt built a web of something or other, an elaborate story in which he implicates politicians, security agents and businessmen in a plot to undermine the arts industry.

We quote some of the things he said

Carl Joshua Ncube is part of a Unit set up by a dummy company Savana Media (CEO/CIO Munyaradzi Hwengwere) blue-eyed boy of Professor Jonothan Moyo. Another operative still active is one Alan Mushaninga (Presidents office). They have been operating in Arts and Media circles since early 2000’s and tasked to monitor, anticipate, compete with and undermine progressive artists with activist voices. At the time of their deployment late Andy Brown, myself, Chiwoniso Maraire, Michael Kudakwashe, Victor Mavedzenge (The Guests who were arrested by CID and interrogated about their relationship to me and the political content of Stand Up comedy), poets, writers, Book Cafe artists and many others have been subjected to death threats, pushing around, bad press, malicious rumours, “blocked” business delas, psychological torture, trailing, stalking, inteference in private lives (financial, sexual, marriage etc). Also fans have been beaten and arrested coming out of shows, we have had to go to Censorship Board and submit to archaic Rhodesian Censorship laws still on our books 32 years later. Carl may or may not be an agent but he plays a simlar role with calculated press releases, bought press, and was one of the Directors of a 6 week video shoot of my Stand Up shows at old Book Cafe, Fife Avenue which was promised to be a commercial venture but turned out to be intelligence gathering, I never saw a red cent. Next thing, CARL is a STAND UP Comic making “BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS”…

Now, well, erm… err… we are a bit shocked. It does seem a bit, well, we have no idea but it is a bit of that. Some of the statements he makes are not entirely accurate but this is hectic. Yes, hectic is a good word.

If you remember from a few months ago, Carl accused Edgar of undermining the new generation of comedians. This was after a show in which Carl accused Edgar of heckling. It seems as if Edgar had heckled Carl because of this elaborate story.

People in Carl’s camp accuse Edgar of being jealous of a new generation coming to take over the industry. People in Edgar’s corner say that it is the younger man who has stepped out of line.

To be honest this beef needs to be settled fast. It does noone any good and lends nothing to the bigger narrative.

  • Jegg Down

    Carl an agent? Lol, it sounds like bollocks.

  • Teflon

    Lol. this dude sounds jelous if you ask me. instead of asking for permission, carl just came up and shut down the game and this guy is mad. shame.