It Gets Easier For Roki As DKB and Zainab Are Dsiqualified

It looks like it is getting a bit weird in Big Brother Stargame and just a wee-bit easier for Roki as two fellow contestants were evicted for breaking the ‘violence rule’.

Apparently you are now allowed to inflict violence on yourself or any other person and DKB smacked Zainab after she provoked him.

How strong the two were as contenders we have no idea but the fact that there are less people to compete against always increases your chances of winning. The other option is that it leaves  Roki and Maneta exposed.

The other thing that could happen is that they could both get knocked out soon.

Someone says that it shows that the show is real. We don’t think so. And neither does Kudzai Sevenzo.

Why are we talking about this?

You can view the incident in the video below:

If you can’t see it on this website you can watch it on Youtube