Dudu Manhenga To Release Tell-All Book

Jazz sensation Dudu Manhenga who is out on bail pending an appeal against an 18 month prison sentence for culpable homicide will release a tell-all book.

Dudu Manhenga working on a book - Photo by Vogue Italy

Dudu Manhenga working on a book – Photo by Vogue Italy

She told reporters:

I’m not yet at a place where I can comment about what happened in Chikurubi, but what I can say is that you will see lots of stuff in the book- I’m writing a book. I am not the sort of citizen who will see things and just leave them like that. There are things that need attention and met people who need love.

She will also be doing a song.

Her management also announced plans to return to the performance circuit. There were no specifics on when she would start doing gigs again but we expect that it should be soon.

Manhenga was released on 23 October for causing the death of a motor-cyclist Graham Martin Millward in 2010 while driving a car without a license.

What do you think of her plans to do a book? A bit too soon some have suggested while others have said the contents of the book would determine whether it was appropriate or not.

The book should make for some interesting reading.