Dudu Manhenga Faces Trial Over Pedestrian Death

Zimbabwean Jazz superstar Dudu Manhenga has revealed that she will be facing trial soon over a car accident which occurred in August resulting in the death of a pedestrian.

According to The Herald, Dudu says she has done everything to keep the matter secret and the charges have been a pall hanging over her since then; a ‘burden’ she calls them.

She has a gag order from her lawyers so we cannot say for sure what the circumstances surrounding the accident were but any trial would be a cause for concern.

She has been charged with culpable homicide and driving without license.

This is a hard road to travel for the 32 year-old talented jazz musician.

  • rebel

    driving without a license,sad she should face trial

  • BlazoWangu

    This is the same lady who said she doesnt want the poor to listen to her music,i guess if she goes to jail a few are going to miss her since the majority of Zimbabweans are poor.

    • Totally unrelated and quoted out of context

      • BlazoWangu

        Very unfortunate if she is your friend but she behaves as if she has an extra vagina.