DStv exploring letting subscribers pick own channels

M-Net CEO Yolisa Phahle says DStv is exploring the option of letting users pick their own channels.


In an interview with CapeTalk’s Bruce Whitfield as part of the company’s 30th birthday celebrations Phahle said the issue kept coming up and with the onslaught of the Netflixes and Amazons:

Our biggest competitors are the Netflixes and Amazons, not other channels. These are the guys along with the Internet who will disrupt the way we do business. These are the real game changes.

Phahle said the real kink is finding if customers will end up paying more. As it stands the huge bouquet options allow for cross-subsidisation.

We understand that some of our customers are of the view that they’d save money if they could choose a genre-specific package like sport, or put together their own package with only the channels they want. Unfortunately, this view is incorrect

The cost of content is ‘extremely expensive’ she says. People might find they are paying more for three channels than for 100 channels.

And when it comes to repeats:

There is huge room for us to improve our content discovery. In that way we’ll reduce the frustration of repeats.

MNet kicked off on 5 January 1976. It was the second pay-TV channel in the world.

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