DStv adjusts pricing, lowest package as little as 7 bucks

DStv has adjusted its monthly subscriptions in Zimbabwe with the lowest now at $7 for 28 channels.

The reduction for all packages is as from tomorrow (Tuesday) and is as below:

Premium $65

Compact plus $40

Compact $25

Family $17

Access $11

DStv lite $7

A video advertising the Lite package is already running on the DStv Zimbabwe page and has ExQ and Freeman doing a catchy jingle to their Jeruserema hit.

  • EC

    That’s what competition does for the market. For the longest time DSTV have overcharged us for their service (compared to South Africa). To the point where many Zimbabweans started opening South African accounts. They have given us second class customer treatment at unjustifiably high prices, and to think we were giving them a hard currency. Heck, they even demanded it. Now that the Kwese threat is knocking at their door, they reduce prices. Not only that, they start noticing our artists to do jingles for them, all along it has been only South Africa and Nigeria. I pray Kwese gets licensed just so DSTV can give us value for our money …and get a run for theirs.