DJ Sbu: Zahara Is A Smart Girl

DJ Sbu, the co-owner of the record label that Zahara is signed to TS Records has called Zahara’s finances fit.

He told Rolling Stone magazine that even though the Lengoma star did not own a car or a house she had an investment account which was being handled by Nedbank. Sbu further called her ‘one of the smartest in the game’ and took a shot at those who associated bling with success.

He also felt that the criticism recently leveled against TS Records were unfair. Sbu added that if Zahara was not signed to a black company then noone was going to question her financial situation.

While some remain skeptical about the everything-is-fine TS Records and Zahara rhetoric, you have to say that Zahara does look like a level-headed girl who with that much success will allow herself to be exploited. Her 8 SAMAs after only 7 months on the scene show that she is a smart girl who hooked up with smart people.