Dj Naida Reacts To Being Called ‘Bitch’ In That Team Rehab Song

Zimbabwean Femcee DJ Naida has come out strongly against the rhyme in the Team Rehab song Wake Up in which she is referred to as a ‘big bitch’.

She said on her Facebook in which she was also not too happy about the Tinopona Katsande abuse reference:

So these Rehab Rappers think its okay and “dope” to make fun of a woman who got beaten up and to call a woman a “bitch”?? This is Zimbabwe whether iriyo HipHop yacho you dont disrespect women like that!! If you have issues with me come to me or you say it out in public BUT YOU DONT disrespect me or Tin Tin like that!! What are you tryin to prove? That you have no respect for women? Shame on you guys!

Im not a bitch n Im sure you wouldnt want your mother, sister or daughter to be called such? What HipHop is this that u r promoting now?

What do you think? Is she right to feel the way she does? Are the Team Rehab guys out of line?

If you haven’t heard the song, we posted it earlier here.

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