digital piracy gives control back to users

So the whole industry thing is up in arms and going about arresting people they call pirates in the name of some warped system of supposedly justified retribution and all that other rubbish.

Now i am not a fan of stealing but the internet is the robin hood of the modern age. In a time when there was a top down approach to what people consumed, digital media has gone a long way towards leveling the playing field.

So you could buy an album with just one song you could bear listening to and the rest less than a poor average. But you had no choice.

With napster came a new revolution. Suddenly we could not only listen to music on our computers but we could look for just the song we wanted. Nothing more.

This meant artists would have to work hard to get as many of their single songs bought as possible. And some artists have even good further. Coldplay, for example are giving away their live album free of charge.

The industry instead waking up to the different avenues for revenue that this tool provides them, they are going on witch hunts into the sees looking for there buccaneers.

But like any system that gives the masses more power, the rulers are slow to understand it which means while this goes on, the masses rejoice. They may plunder and steal, because the ride is over. It’s their time to reclaim their rights as consumers

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