Digital Love: A Cocktail of Loneliness And Social Media Frenzy

So we have always known that technology has changed the way people communicate but it has now changed the way people love.

Intense relationships are existing on technology platforms and are as fierce as the sun’s core. And when I say exist I mean people are meeting on Facebook, having a full blown relationship without meeting and even breaking up before consummation

All sorts of uncommon sacrifices are made in defense of these relationships and in the end they fail or succeed just as do others.

With the increase in the penetration of technology in Africa and Zimbabwe to be specific the rise has been meteoric. Terms such as ‘twitterboo’ and ‘twubby’ are commonplace and the tragedy is that one side takes it more seriously than the other. And when this happens then tragedy strikes.

What is more is that the relationships themselves have become unconventional. Online and without having to deal with harsh realities people can carry on multiple as well as same sex relationships with the feeling that online is a bit virtual and allows a certain level of freedom of expression.

And why is this happening? Because in the real world we are now lonelier than we have ever been before and we are looking for a place that doesn’t judge us and allows us to be human without limitations. The world we are physically makes all manner of demands for responsibility but does little to prepare us for them.

And when there is a strain, the outlet is love technology.

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