Dhewa’s Widow In Love With His Close Friend?

In an explosive revelation it seems as if the late Tongai ‘Dhewa’ Moyo’s wife is in love with a close friend of his.

It gets crazier. Word is that Minehle Mkweli had started having an affair with  Bamet Mutosvori before the death of the star.

Mutosvori says that he is only assisting, Minenle who recently moved out of the matrimonial home, because they were related. Dhewa’s son Peter claimed he had no knowledge of a relationship and only knew Mutosvori as a friend of his dad.

Mutosvori gave  Minenhle a maroon sporty Peugeot recently resulting in the gossip reaching fever pitch.

Minehle wasn’t bothered with the speculation, according to Newsday.

Not a big deal this really. Mind you, the fact that they may have been having an affair while the dude was still alive is unconscionable but surely if they want to have a life together it can’t be something that we have to care that much about is it. They are two consenting adults and they seem to share something mutually beneficial and it should just be that.

The cheating while Dhewa was dying does leave a sour taste in the mouth though. Hard to judge though. Other people do worse.

With information from Newsday ( Zimbabwe)

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