Detroit & Harare: Cultural Creative Twins

Between Harare and Detroit a network of creatives has started a conversation that has resulted in cultural exchanges of a phenomenal kind.

Kumusha exhinition

Kumusha exhinition

Through the Zimbabwean Cultural Centre of Detroit(ZCCD) artists living in the two cities have ridden the wave of the Global Village to good effect by developing collaborations.

Says a communique from artists in Zimbabwe linked to the initiative:

By re-imagining the two spaces as cultural consulates, we as hosts, position us as ambassadors, initiating collaborations and interactions between artists in Harare and Detroit, creating a network of communities.

In Detroit the location is at Public Pool where an exhibition of works held on 17th of Sept 2013. In Zimbabwe it is Gallery Delta where an exhibition called Kumusha.

The work featured will be from:

The artists in Harare who are participating in this project are Tapfuma Gutsa, Masimba Hwati, Zanele Mutema, and Gareth Nyandora. They are paired with the following Detroit artists: Olayami Dabls, Christina Galasso, Tiffany Massey and Nate Morgan.

The Postcard project is working collaboratively with the Director of the National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Mutare, Elizabeth Muusha. Artists from Detroit draw images taken from Mutare to print into postcard while the artists in Mutare do the same for Detroit. So each location will have multiple postcards of the region drawn by artists from the other location far away. The Mutare artists were curated in by Elizabeth Muusha are Mrs. Sharon Bilang, Bradean Chitenderu, Eben Gowero, and Christwish Mulunga. The Detroit artists are Stephanie Buer, Sabrina Nelson, Clinton Snyder, and Dylan Spaysky

The exhibition has been organised by

  • Masimba Hwati, Harare
  • Kumbulani Zamuchiya, Harare and Mutare 
  • Elizabeth Muusha, Mutare 
  • Nontsikelelo Mutiti, New York 
  • Steve Hughes, Detroit 
  • Chido Johnson, Detroit 

Dr Tony Mhonda will be guest of honour.

It’s a one-night only event from 5:30pm to 10pm.