The Day Dudu Manhenga Performed Before Pope Benedict XVI [VIDEO Inside]

One of the things that many of you may not know is that our very own jazz diva Dudu Manhenga performed before the Pope last year.

Yeah sure, Pope Benedict XVI will be yesterday’s news by tomorrow since he is quitting on account of, well, he says he is old while some people say he is controversial.

Anyway our Bulawayo girl performed at what is called the World Day of Families¬†with a 50-piece orchestra and this was right after good ol’ Benedict had given a speech in Rome. After the performance Queen Rania gave a speech.

The event itself was called One World Family Love and the performance was on 2 June 2012. She performed her version of Pata Pata.

To give you an indication of how big a deal this was, the crowd was about 700,000 and the event was streamed live to over 150 countries across the world.

Check out the video below.

If you are having trouble viewing it, you can watch it on Youtube by clicking here