Dancehall Madness In Harare

Zimbabwe’s music industry is at the cusp of something special I can feel it. I am not just talking about a little bubble but I am talking pure unadulterated art.

Nowhere is it more aggressive than in the dancehall movement. Loads of new acts are coming in and some seriously tight productions are making their way out of studios all over the place.

Before it used to be just acts from outside the country that were making the noise on the scene.

Think Guspy Warrior, McGyver of Ice Reign Records, Jusa Dementor & the ABRA family. Those are the producers.

The crew doing the chanting is filled with the obvious ones; Mic Inity, Guspy, King Shaddy, Winky D and the lot. Enter young Smart X, Lady B, I-Wata, DhadzaD Princafaya, Franchesca, Free Man, Millitary X, Badman, Ricky Fire, Fire Flame just to name a few. Templeman’s crew alone is releasing loads of kids coming out of the system and it is getting heated.

The thing I love the most about a lot of these cats is that they are singing in Shona. Yeah I am a fan of the use of Zimbabwean language in our music that way we can get our language out there. Loads of people here know what mpintshi means but noone knows ‘mfesi’ means in SA.

Of course there will be reference to what Thomas Mapfumo had to say but I think what is produced by these crews is pretty authentic. It is artistic. It is skilled. It is passionate and it is unapologetic. Listen to Jusa’s Fatcook Nematohwe or Smart X’s Bhebhi Uri-rough.

Super-producer ABRA Simzz is in Zimbabwe at the moment and he is excited. Says Simzz…

Zim dancehall is alive n burning..With the amount of talent we have.. we are ready for a takeover.. cause in the ghetto thats where zim dancehalls hearts lies

I am amped. Dancehall is coming to life. Scratch that. It is alive.