Dancehall Artist King Shaddy Banned From Entering UK

Zimbabwean dancehall artist King Shaddy has been banned from entering the UK for the next 1o years on allegations of deception.

He has since challenged the ruling.

According to Daily News the artist was recently denied entry into the UK where he was scheduled to perform with another Zimbabwean artist, Stunner. After further investigation, he discovered that he had been denied entry on the grounds of deception.

The Danmore star seems to have a lot of people on his side with a promoter reportedly putting up $15,000 for the appeal.

He was meant to appear in a show, dubbed the Three Kings Tour, alongside Stunner and Nox in December last year but failed to make it.

We hope that the young man has not used some sort of deception. However with the notoriety that the UK Border Agency has for denying visas to Africans on flimsy excuses we would not be surprised if this was the case. In fact, a report came out saying as much a few weeks ago and the UKBA said they would do better.

We hope the best because his fans would be upset wouldn’t they? Well, the ones in the UK that is.