CYNTHIA MARE ALBUM LAUNCH: Lights, Camera & A Thousand Dollars

Cynthia Mare released her third solo studio album at 7 Arts Theatre in Avondale, Harare this past Friday.

Cynthia Mare launches Shinga

Cynthia Mare launches Shinga

The album is called Shinga and it was dropped to loads of pomp and fanfare.

With guest performances from Ba Shupi, Hope Masike, Sebastian Magacha, Hope Masike, Donald Kanyuchi and Tytan( who also doubles as Mare’s manager) it was a largely entertaining show.

Tytan performing at the Cynthia Mare album aunch

Tytan performing at the Cynthia Mare album launch

With Kuwadzana MP Nelson Chamisa, NICOZ Diamond Managing Director Grace Muradzikwa, artists, dignitaries and fans present as guests of honour the event had the punch to make it a power move.  Chamisa took time out to say that parliament was creating legislature to effectively go after the baddies in the fight against piracy while Muradzikwa expressed her pleasure at having supported Mare in getting her launch done.

And about the performance a lot had to do with a great stage, the work of 263Africa TV Executive producer Nico Abote who was the show runner on the night. He made sure that once the show started it ran smoothly with pretty much no dead time on stage. It was a show.

Cynthia Mare launches Shinga

Cynthia Mare launches Shinga

Then on Cynthia’s performance, she did something most people don’t do. While most do gigs where music is just played, there was a lot of thought put into what she was presenting. There was a storyline that she put work into. The music was was great and that is the focal point but when you go to show, you want the full experience. The aesthetics, the drama, the choreography.

Sure there were times when the symmetry wasn’t quite right in the dances, probably because they hadn’t used the stage for rehearsals as much as they probably would have liked but you got the point.

What we didn’t understand was her playing songs from previous albums on a night she was pushing a new album. That we didn’t get.

A special mention for MCs Clive Chigubu and Zandile ‘Zazalicious’ Ndlovu who kept us engaged.

AUDIO: Cynthia Mare tells us why Shinga is a her favourite album.

Oh about the USD1,000, Mare’s first CD went for that princely amount and this includes a date. In effect, the auction looked to be over at around $250 or so before Zazalicious threw in the date after which the bidding was intense.

The album is available at selected OK stores.

Missed it? ZBC was recording it. That is the camera part, we guess.

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