Controversial Tuku Book Launched

So remember that book, Tuku Backstage that made all the noise in 2014?

Well it is being launched on Saturday at the Book Cafe.

Shepherd Mutamba at launch of Tuku book - PIC:  @shoeslambada

Shepherd Mutamba at launch of Tuku book – PIC: @shoeslambada

The Shepherd Mutamba-authored book split opinion with some saying that the author had abused priviledge having worked closely with the iconic star.

Mutamba himself says that as a story told through his own eyes it did not need authorisation from Tuku. This is a view that has resonated quite strongly among many as well.

Mutamba says why his book was rejected by Tuku is because he wanted a PR type of biography.

We’ll tell you more when we know more but we see this one flying off the shelves.

Tuku Backstage- The book is being launched right now by Shepherd Mutamba. Like I said this one I will buy.

Posted by Michael Mabwe Snr on Saturday, 28 March 2015

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