Comrade Fatso Launches Comedy Career

Comrade Fatso, the Comrade Fatso in Comrade Fatso and Chabvondoka, Samm Monro to his family, is to branch out into comedy with focus being on standup comedy and comedy skit shows.

After positive reaction to his skit with Outspoken on the Zambezi News skit – which can be watched in full below – Monro and his partner in rhyme (and who knows what crime) have decided that this is an idea worth taking forward.

Speaking to us from Copenhagen where he is the middle of a grueling one and half month tour he said:

Comedy has become a key part of my poetry and music gigs over the years. While talking in between songs or while MC’ing events I have a natural disposition towards spontaneously breaking into random humour. I love making people laugh. So many people have told me I need to get into stand up comedy.. So here we go, macomrades!

The ‘City City’ star expects to be back home on November 17 before going off on another tour, this time of Durban. He hopes to organise a show before that tour and if not definitely before the end of the year.

For his music fans, don’t worry. Comrade Fatso will still front his  ‘explosive, genre-busting, insurgent band that defies musical boxes and modern day apolitical pop music’. You will just have the added bonus of live and pre-recorded comedy skits as well stand up comedy shows added to the repetoire.

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