Comedian Carl Joshua Ncube inboxes ED on Facebook. We ask him why and stuff…

Zimbabwean comedian Carl Joshua Ncube has inboxed President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Facebook with a request.

Now obviously inboxing is generally on the down low and well, not sure my 57 year-old aunt who just connected to Facebook today and wants to show me you how cool she can be by sending you strange emojis.

But there is head of state involved so therefore it is news especially as Carl published the post himself.

In it he highlights how he spent the better part of 2017 outside Zimbabwe because of how hostile the then administration was to comedy. He also asks ED what his administration’s stance on comedy is in Zimbabwe. Carl is also complementary to the president saying he finds him funny and says there is an opportunity to grow stars in comedy.

click here to read his post

We decided to pose a few questions. Pretty much why, what he hopes to achieve and stuff… and said this exclusively to Why did you inbox him?
Carl Joshua Ncube: I was curious to see if he answers the page or if the team does then I will get to talk about the famous REPLY in my comedy What are you hoping to achieve?
Carl Joshua Ncube: It’s my first potential access or opportunity to engage with a PRESIDENT the former was so out of touch and ED looks like he wants to be in touch. It also shows him what the previous guy did to me hence the TED performance and hoping ED will do better in this regard…I am hoping he does What do you think comedy can do for Zimbabwe?
Carl Joshua Ncube: This will be HUGE for comedy if there is EVEN a RESPONSE…The kind of response will just show what our new parameters are and we develop comedy to suit the DISPENSATION loooool The challenge with Zimbabwe is that so many groups get offended with comedy TRIBAL, DEALERS, SOCIALITES, CHRISTIANS, SLAY QUEENS so in this instance I hope COMEDY and POLITICS can have a little fun together Do you think there is a difference in the reception to humour since he came in?
Carl Joshua Ncube: Absolutely but I think there is a backlog of Robert Mugabe issues we are still dealing with before we get to ED. But ED is certainly leading the COMEDY offensive with his witty responses its like he wants to put us out of work.

Do you think ED will reply? And if he does, what do you hope he says?

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