Club-life in Zimbabwe is a Bit of a Yawn

I have a lot of friends in the industry so this is going to be a bit dicey but it has to be said.

A lot of pretty talented people are in the industry. There is a lot of intention but just not enough bravery. The just don’t fancy new music. By new music I mean, being the first to drop a club banger.

Everywhere else you go because you want to hear something fresh and new. Yes, it is nice to hear some of your favourites but at the same time, you would think the DJ has done some research and is going to hit you between your ears with something you don’t know that you can’t stop moving to.

Sadly what you get is a playlist that is all too familiar. You know they are simply going to play the music that everyone knows and because the floor is full of people who are high at 2 in the morning, it is not going to matter much.

I say, boys and girls, be adventurous a little. Gimme something that will make me go home and think, wow, that was amazing. You are skilled on turntable but don’t be afraid to experiment. Cause I don’t want to hear what I can listen to at home because I have had it for a year.