Chiyangwa Hits Back At Mapfumo

Flamboyant businessman Philip Chiyangwa has hit back at Chimurenga music star Thomas Mapfumo after the latter accused him of fleecing the poor.

The US-based Mapfumo in saying that he would not perform in Zimbabwe because he did not feel his fans could afford him, had also singled out Chiyangwa as an example of the rich swimming in sea of poverty.

Chiyangwa, in an interview with,  has dismissed Mapfumo calling him a coward for not facing his trial back home and ‘camouflaging’ his self-imposed exile.  Chiyangwa also accused Mukanya –  as Mapfumo is affectionately called by his fans –  of making up stories about what is happening in Zimbabwe, saying that he was out of touch with the situation back home.

While it is easy to be critical of Chiyangwa because of his political connections, you can see what he is saying here. It does not take away the fact that Mukanya’s comments were unfortunate at best.

  • cray

    but there is poverty in Zimbabwe, just cuz chiyangwa is fine.. doesnt change the rest of the people’s situation.. im not say im poverty stricken but I do see a lot of poverty here.. Mukanya is not a coward, Chiyangwa needs to look in the rear view mirror of his luxury car and see ZImbabwe without his raybans…

    • African

      I agree, Mukanya was and never is a coward! He is a people’s fighter and a true revolutionary! He still remembers why we began the struggle. So all people can be equal in the spirit of ubuntu!

      • Noone is saying Mukanya is not a fighter. The question is around these particular comments.

        • African

          Ok dint say you guys are saying that. What I wrote is independant of the other stuff. Just wrote that coz people were doubting his credentials and running away from his comments accusing him of being a coward. His comments might be offmark but he isnt a coward i think.

          • Well why isn’t he coming to Zimbabwe to face his police case then

          • African

            If someone is a political activist and is facing some charges political or criminal its not advisable to offer himself for arrest if thete is real risk of an unfair trial eg if the Rhodesian gvt had said Mugabe has a criminal cade to ansa would you have encouraged him to return and ansa? Just taking it from an international law and refugee regulations. Ask Asange

          • Oh come on. When he ran away there were no issues with government. He was buying stolen cars. He broke the law.

          • African

            Lol akazongochancer and took advantage of his political activisim lol

    • So what is Mukanya then?

  • African

    To be honest I think Mapfumo is in touch with Zim. Who doesnt know people are earning low wages? Just becoz some of us can afford broadband and pizza and beer at Ohagans doesnt mean all is well. Poverty is a strong word though.

    • The question is, however, is he right to say he won’t perform because the people should not use money on other things other than his music? In essence he would rather they spent money on American and Jamaican artists instead of their own music.

      • African

        I agree, there he was wrong. We would rather spend money on him than Fat Joe etc… But guys what do you think of Anopa’s comment. Do you think whay i wrote is rovket science? Can you explain what i meant? I know its not your job but help me if u got what i meant 🙂


      dude you contradicting tourself. pple are earning low wages but some of us can afford broadband and pizza. WTF. You talk crazy and silly.

      • African

        Hahaha Anopa what are you saying? Hahaha hahaha! Where is the contradiction? Isnt the majority earning low wages? I’m now confused? Reread what i wrote till u get it hahaha haisi hi scu debate hahaha! Ok neShona: Vanhu zvakavaomera kuno kuZimbabwe asi kune vamwe vanokwanisa kutenga zvinotidhurei zvakaita demapizza nehwhwa hunodhura asi vazhinji havakwanise. Get it now? Hahaha wandispaka! Kuzoti ‘WTF’hiri kwamakaenda uku! Madzoka mave maWTF evanhu hahaha hahaha! Ndafara!

        • Some people can afford things and others can’t. that’s life. It happens in every society.

          • African

            But in our society its higher than in others like say the US or SA. Most people earn below minimum wage in Zim and thats not in every society i think. 3/4 of people I know dont have regular income in Zim but 90% of thoz outside i know have a steady income. Poverty datum is 560, who earns that?

          • it will be well with time. Things will not be well overnight but it doesn’t mean people should stop living

          • African

            I guess so

      • African

        Cant help but keep laughing at Anopa’s comment. Ko kutuka vamwe? Kana usina kunzwisisa you just ask for clarification instead of labelling kuti ‘silly’ or ‘crazy’ shamwari. If someone says something eg most apples are rotten but some are not how is that contradiction? You thot i was going to ‘diaspora-bash’? Some people can afgord and most cant. Its a simple statement. Again reread hahahaha, this time slowly digesting your words hahaha kutamba hangu newe Anopa ayas lol. Hanzi WTF lol kuUK kwamakaenda