Chiwenga Threatens To Sue Miss World Zim

Miss Zimbabwe Trust head Marry Chiwenga has said that her organisation will not hesitate to sue the recently crowned Emily Kachote if reports of her having nudes out there turn out  be true.

Marry Chiwenga (left), Emily Kachote (centre) and outgoing Miss Zimbabwe Tendai Hunda at the crowning

Marry Chiwenga (left), Emily Kachote (centre) and outgoing Miss Zimbabwe Tendai Hunda at the crowning

Chiwenga referred to a contract Kachote signed which expressly indicated she did not have any nudes or scandals.

Chiwenga says she has not talked to Kachote but wwants to hear her side of the story before taking action.

Sharon Maguwu writing for Daily News quoted Chiwenga as saying:

She signed the contract and she knows what she agreed on. She knows if it’s something she did then she is in trouble. We will take legal action as she signed a contract stating that she did not have any nude pictures anywhere.

No action will be taken against the person alleged to have leaked the pics  reported to be a Tafadzwa Prosper Bvunzawabaya (mind you police spokesperson Charity Charamba says police cannot act unless source leaks is revealed so will they take action on this?).

You can see where Chiwenga is coming from here. She has sponsors and she has to protect her brand.

We still havent seen the nudes and we know noone who has so the whole situation is a bit weird. Like proper like intensely weird.

We are watching this proper.

Mind you, if the general’s wife said she would be interested in suing you, you would piss your pants. We probably would piss for you too. Or have a drink. A stiff one. And then piss still.

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