Chinotimba Set To Star In Drama

Well known politician Joseph Chinotimba may soon grace Zimbabwean television, not to give his well-respected opinions on national issues but as an actor in a local drama.

Actor-musician-script writer, Clifford Makonese confirmed that he is working on a local drama which will feature Chinotimba.The drama is titled-“Vachabongomora Nebongozozo”. Judging from the title it seems the drama is going to be pure comedy, because the two words “Vachabongomora” and “Nebongozozo” are usually associated with trouble makers.

In a snap survey, we asked some of our readers whether this was a good move by the politician. Those that responded all said that they cannot wait for Chinotimba’s acting career to take off, simply because he had the star potential to become a household name like Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, and Samuel L. Jackson.Some people likened him to Kapfupi and the late Mukadota.

Chinotimba also known as Chinos is not the first politician to want to try acting, in fact this is a trend that is common the world over. Names like, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ronald Regan easily come to mind when one thinks of people who have dabbled in both politics and entertainment.

The common trend with most entertainers is that they start off as actors or musicians then become politicians.

We however don’t see any reason why the good war veterans’ deputy boss cannot break new ground and do it the other way.