Chimbetu Sentenced To One Year In Jail

Dendera music star Allan Chimbetu has been slapped with a one year jail sentence after failing to pay maintenance for his child.

We reported last week that Chimbetu had been arrested over the matter and released after paying the outstanding monies. Well now he has been given a wholly suspended one year sentence on condition that he pays $70 a month for the maintenance of his child with his former lover Tsitsi Rambanapasi, without fail.

Now cop this, Chimbetu wants a paternity test, 11 years after the matter. Yes, the child, Amanda, is 11 years old.

Come on Allan, surely you can do a lot better than that. Sure, 70% of DNA tests in Zimbabwe come out negative but then to say so late in the game that the child is not yours because your ex has moved in with someone else is a bit rich. You may very well  be right that she is not yours but why are you going to bother yourself about with a DNA a test which costs about 3 years of maintenance of that child after refusing to pay $60 a month until the long arm of the law threatens you is a bit rich.

Anyway it is what it is.

  • nhonho11

    The article said one year IN jail. Then you say in the article one year wholly suspended. Do you actually know the difference?