Castle Lager brings you a beer, a party and TEN TONNES of meat to braai

Castle Lager is really going for the jugular with this coming together of the drink you love and the biggest gochi-gochi you have ever seen in your life.

4th of July BBQ

First of all we know they give you the perfect balance in the taste from the brew four homegrown ingredients – barley, hops, maize and water put together over 18 days. Yes, 18 days goes into every sip of a Castle.

Then you can’t have it alone so you need share it with a friend and often with entertainment. So throw in Oliver Mtukudzi, Killer T and Ammara Brown.

Now there is 10 tonnes of meat to go through.

Yes, a whole 10,000kgs of meat at this month-end’s Biggest Braai at Alex Sports Club in Harare. It is going after a record that will be hard to set after this. It is certainly higher than what we and our tshomis put together when we had 20kgs of meat at Mama Doris’s tshisa nyama on Boxing Day in 2012. Oh what a time.

And just to show it is real, there will be a braai-o-meter as we go for that record.

It all kicks off at noon on 29 October. $5 gets you in. That gives you a braai pack and 1 litre draught of Castle.

That is good beer. Good times. Good Friends. And 10 tonnes of meat.

The new record will be our heritage. What’s yours?