Case Of Your Partner’s Ex: Don’t Pry!

Human nature makes us curious and sometimes curiosity is a good thing. Without it we would have lived in caves and never found our way out, just happy to vegetate. In effect we probably wouldn’t exist because there would be no curiosity about using appendages attached to our crotches to repetitively make insertions into an orifice curiously positioned on the other’s crotch.

That said sometimes that curiosity does get us into trouble and more trouble than we would like to find ourself in. A case in point is your partner’s ex. A statistic says 72% of women inspect their new partner’s ex-girlfriend’s Facebook page. 72%! Now ladies why on earth would you do that?

Of course some of you are asking where the error in that is. Well look at it this way. We all have little bits and bobs in the past that we would rather not think about let alone let someone we are trying to impress know about. Some of my friends will have make references to evenings at Tipperary(vice club) or curb ling on Josiah Chinamano(illegal red light district) hoping to find a working lady. And some will have found some and taken them home.

Or ladies, what about that on-night stand with that dodgy fella who you met kwaMereki(high-density braai spot). And he was about 528 years older than you and you dated for a few minutes and then closed the book. Did we mention he was married too?

Now if you don’t want to have your current find out about that dodgy affair why would you want to find out about theirs. They did some things before you were there and let’s face it, all that stuff is none of your business unless it is somehow affecting the new relationship. In fact I advise you to go one step further and not even ask what she or he did in her past. If she told you that she had a an orgy with Roki, Winky D, Josphat Somanje and a few dodgy girls from Tippers one late night in the studio, then what? Now you know, then what?

Ok if I came across that kind of information I would be a bit apprehensive but I digress.

In essence, life is a lot stressful if you stick to the important issues. You’re dating the significant because you fancy her/him. As they say in Shona. Usatsvage Marara muBhini (Don’t look for rubbish in a rubbish pit). And if you find it don’t act shocked because you were looking for it weren’t you?

You are less paranoid and you smile a lot more when you don’t pry. Now that can’t be a bad thing can it?

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    Wat u dnt know won’t kill you…