Carnival Queen Zimbabwe Pageant Review… Meh!

So there was the Carnival Queen Zimbabwe beauty pageant at the Harare International Conference Centre, on Friday night.

Winner Dananai Chipunza and 1st Princess Thabiso Piri - Tnash Phorography

Winner Dananai Chipunza and 1st Princess Thabiso Piri (click to enlarge) – Tnash Phorography

To get the formalities out of the way, Dananai Chipunza was crowned as queen, while Thabiso Phiri came second. There were performances from Xtra Large, Cindy Munyavi, Winky D, Sulumani Chimbetu and  urban groover Goodchild.

As expected the whole things started three hours late. The crowd, expecting this started really coming in around 10.

The lighting was uncomplicated which meant there was never really anything that could go wrong. The sound system was good and for much of the three hours that it was on, it seemed to be more organised than most most pageants we have seen Harare. It was also great to see General Constantine Chiwenga in public and even getting photographed.

Dananai Chipunza guard of honour - Tnash Phorography

Dananai Chipunza guard of honour (click to enlarge) – Tnash Phorography

The MCs, well, they could have done better. At moments they were attempting to shout over voices which then made us feel like we were at a community hall show. It is possible that they are better at this tan they were last night.

We walked in as Winky D sang his hit song Takaipa for  a full on thirty minutes. At some point it just got awkward.

About the costumes, the carnival ones, well, let’s just say they were different. In fact, most of the garments that were designed last night were downright horrible. Congratulations to Dananai on winning – mainly because someone had to win not because any of the girls there were supposed to be on the ramp –  but that dress she was wearing at the end could have easily been bought from the Gulf as a one-size-fits-all. It was not working on her. She is a hot girl, but… hameno it wasn’t the dress for her.

Eaerlier in the evening, Dananai Chipunza in her Zimbabwe flag ostrich outifit - Tnash Phorography

Eaerlier in the evening, Dananai Chipunza in her Zimbabwe flag ostrich outfit (click to enlarge) – Tnash Phorography

Don’t get us started on the models with pea-sized brains. How does one get the answer to Where is the UNWTO conference being held wrong? Maybe it is because we are not really marketing it that much to the public, but still. This girl was in boot camp for days, surely someone must have mentioned it. Oh, it was mentioned a lot during the show too.

Some of the Miss Carnival contestants - Tnash Phorography

Some of the Carnival Queen Zimbabwe contestants (click to enlarge) – Tnash Phorography

As for the artists, Sulu’s high energy performance took the cup. His Star Trek glasses and leather pants, were, errr… Yah! Cindy was pleasant, Winky D was a boss and Goodchild failed to own the stage. The acrobatics were excellent but he disappeared into the crowd on stage and we didn’t really see him much. Also, singing over his own song is just poor preparation. He is better than we saw him last night.

On the whole as an event it felt a bit long. This is why more than half the crowd probably opted out of the performances after the show.

Still… Over 3,000 people pitched up and most of them seemed to be having a good time… At the end of the day, that is all that matters. Unless we are sending some of those girls out of the country to represent us of course.

UPDATE: The organisers say the pageant was supposed to start at 9. Well, they knew that but we guess they didn’t tell anybody else.