Carl Joshua Ncube Back In Zim; Two Shows Lined Up for December

Comic Carl Joshua Ncube is back in Zimbabwe after a successful ‘eye opening and career aligning’ stint in the United States.

Carl Joshua Ncube is back in Zim and has two performances this month

We caught up with the newly-married Carl on Skype and he told us:

Well am just excited to play around with all the things I have learnt and the experiences I have had but also importantly I want to share my roadmap, my journey, my life going forward… and a few jokes as well… and paranoid delusions of agent263.

As far as his schedule is concerned, Carl will be performing two shows, on kwaBulawayo at the Theatre on 19 December 2012. Two days later he is at the Harare International Conference Centre again, the scene of . Then two days after that he is off to South Africa where he will perform in Johannesburg and Cape Town. He returns to Zimbabwe in January to prepare for his UK tour, where he will be performing in London and Manchester. After that he returns to Zimbabwe before setting off for the United States again. There he will perform at the ZimExpo in May. He says that is schedule

It’s an exciting time for Carl, it looks as if the funny man has a busy schedule.

Busy is a good thing.

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