Carl Joshua Ncube Releases Book – ’40 Days That Changed Me’

Comedian Carl Joshua Ncube is not one to hide and cower when talking about his life.


In line with that he has released an e-book called 40 Days That Changed Me. It is a collection of diary entries.

This is how he describes it:

In 2009 I was going through quite a bit in my life, a very bad break up, losing everything, being homeless, depression the list is endless. I was doing this “purpose driven life” at church and wrote some interesting¬†notes during that period and I have compiled them for you as a book, feel free to download it coz its now out! I hope you are encouraged by what I went through! SHARE it with a friend

We’ve just given it a few looks so far but it is incredibly interesting, giving a lot of insight into a man who is a giant to so many but is as vulnerable as the rest of them.

Get a copy by clicking here. It is also available on kindle.

  • Tawanda Mhuriro

    So looking forward to reading this after work!