Carl Joshua Ncube on April Fools’ jokes that just won’t work in Zimbabwe

Comedian Carl Joshua Ncube has come up with a list of jokes that won’t work in Zimbabwe.

And it is pretty meaty

1. Mugabe steps down
2. Air Zimbabwe leaves on time
3. Money available in banks
4. Zimbabweans don’t need a VISA for UK
5. Warriors qualify for WORLD CUP
6. Wicknel completes solar project
7. Roadblocks removed from Zimbabwe roads
8. Ministers Arrested for Corruption
9. ZBC to improve programming
10. ZRP to focus on arresting CRIMINALS

11. Carl to get his own POLITICAL SATIRE show on ZBC

That kind of sadness that makes you wanna laugh and weep.

The comedian is currently in Bostwana as part of a comedy and travel one year nomadic experience.

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