Carl Joshua Ncube To Say Goodbye With Style

Zimbabwe’s most prominent stand-up comedian says goodbye to the country in style tonight as he stages his last show for while in these parts before his move to the United States.

Carl has gone all out to make this show, to be held tonight at the Rainbow Towers including that big banner at the Rainbow Towers and cleverly placed ads in the classifieds sections of Newspapers. He has also made as much noise as one should make for a show to be a success. That is before show. The show itself will be something special, a thing of wonder.

That is just Carl isn’t it?

In a space of just over two years we have seen Carl grow from, well, when he wasn’t a comedian and he was known as an animator, director and all those other things that we knew him for. Now, people do not even remember him being involved in JAG, or directing NAMA or running a successful advertising agency. Now he is stamped in people’s heads as Carl the funny guy.

That is a testament to the hard work he has put into it all. From the Big Announcement  – punctuated by the engagement to the amazing soul that Nelsy –  to the stint in SA which landed him gigs all over that country and the rest of Africa, everything has been deliberate. In all of this we cannot forget the sterling work put in by the faithful friend Rufaro Dhliwayo.

We say to Carl, have a good show tonight and we wish you all the best in the United States. See you in December.

You know the show is going to be hot right…