Carl and Nelsy Ncube share the cool, the cringey and the funny of the World Record bid

I know I’ve been M.I.A … the lazy bug had caught me, Lol!…I am back though and thought what better way to return that to sit down with Zim’s hardest working couple.


Carl Joshua and Nelsy Ncube


They recently completed a #BreakTheWorldRecord stint, so at a time when we have so much negativity flying round, this could bring hope to some – we hope! Carl Joshua and Nelsy Ncube need no introductions, so let’s get straight into it then.

LOB: Carl, what made you want to take on this mission?
CJN: I was tired of losing, Zimbabwe is losing a battle in our own minds, we trust others to make us believe in ourselves and I just wanted to do something that would get an inner fire to motivate Zimbabweans to be great again. I personally needed to know I could set what seemed an impossible goal, if I could do this then I could do anything

LOB: Nelsy,  Carl always has grand ideas! What was your first thought when he told you about this? Be honest ka..  Lol!
NN: Are you crazy!!! Where, How, who….??? No freaking way!!

LOB: HAHAHA!That sounds about right! Ok.. Can each of you give me your version of the planning stages?
NN: Apart from initially freaking out, we started off by contacting all the venues and clubs we’ve worked with in the past and have been huge supporters of comedy. Once they said yes we started working on the calendar of when the shows will be held, we also simultaneously worked on budgets and started looking for sponsors. We ran pre tour marketing promos two weeks before the actual tour to distribute and deliver collateral, met with venue partners etc to finalize details and in some places get more venues as our target was 35 shows. Just before the tour started, we traveled – a few days earlier – to Capetown South Africa for interviews that were scheduled to cover the tour .

CJN: I love any excuse to use excel. Often in my day I have to do a million and one things, I love planning so this project was definitely up my street. I had to be efficient as this process had very few resources at its disposal, this meant not leaving the house, no meetings no phone calls, delegating what I thought others could do and doing what I thought others couldn’t. I had to use technology first, manual never – which means if it could be done by WhatsApp, Facebook, twitter or email then do things that way, anyone wanting a physical meeting meant they didn’t get what we were doing so we only worked with those that got the idea. Zimbabweans just love meetings and we had to avoid that culture. Think about it the first clubs to sign onto the tour were in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

LOB: Tjoo…I’ve just noted that your minds work so differently yet so together! Wow!  Lol! So, what moments of this journey had you buzzing with excitement Carl?
CJN: I think when we were on our way to Cape Town I was most excited that this was finally happening, all that preparation and planning it was now time to press the on button

LOB: You were so ready! Nelsy, what part of putting this together behind the scenes was most memorable for you?
NN: On Day 4 after a grueling day where we had 9 shows, Chef De Ankara ( Tafadzwa Anifasi ,winner of Battle of the Chefs ‘s Season 1) invited our whole team to his house for dinner, where he cooked us a beautiful chicken curry and even had dessert which was sooo awesome!!!

LOB: That was thoughtful of him! Err..Guys.. Did you have cringe – worthy moments? Talk me through 2 of them
NN: Cringe wouldn’t be the term but i would say disappointing moments where venues pulled out of their agreements last minute as in literally a day before shows …On the flip side though we got to build new relationships with other venues.

LOB: There’s always a silver lining hey. So, what was the biggest moment of the tour for each of you?
CJN: The biggest moment for me was the show at my old school, Prince Edward only 3 people came and I knew that I was about to do something amazing if I got through that show. When I was done I was certain that this WORLD RECORD was going to be mine, that was my mountain and boy was it hard to do a show for only 3 people, but those three people paid and I was only too happy and honoured to perform for them.
NN: For me it was on show No. 31  when Carl said his “Thank you ladies and Gentlemen my name is Carl Joshua Ncube ”  I have never been more proud!!

LOB: … But guys, Chefie makamusiirei? Lol!
CJN: I had many talks with her about teenage pregnancy and the danger of these Kadoma dogs but she didnt listen now she couldn’t tour with us
NN: Family was watching her though.. lool

Carl Joshua Ncube and wife Nelsy with logistics expert Archie Mhone

Carl Joshua Ncube and wife Nelsy with logistics expert Archie Mhone

LOB: LOL! Fine.. Nelsy (through your eyes) what was that final show like? Knowing you’ve reached your target…
NN: Freaking exhausting!! I was taking each show as it came so by the time we reached show 31 my body and mind were DONE!!!! But internally i was incredibly proud of not only Carl but our team which had Archie Mhone (handling logistics ), Michael Simbarashe Shunje ( Captured the tour), Tafadzwa Hove and Tendayi Nyeke ( Flim Crew documenting every moment)  … I remember we went to a local pub in Vic Falls and shared our last drink together *it was beautiful*

LOB: OH Bless! What moments did the public miss? (Moments behind the scenes that didn’t make it onto fb or get recorded)
NN: looool … we have a reality show coming up for the whole process so they will get to see everything loool #watchthisspace.

LOB:  I can’t wait!! So now, what next and how can the public continue to cheer you on?
NN: Carl has a club tour in South Africa at the Capetown Comedy Club , Parkers Comedy and Jive and Goliath Comedy Club in Johannesburg  where he will be testing new material for his upcoming Europe /Asia tour in Nov & Dec 2016.  He will be performing in Dubai , France , Germany , Malaysia , Singapore , Vietnam , Indonesia , Myanmar , Thailand   Keep supporting Zim comedy  and comedy as a whole by coming to shows .

LOB: You guys are fantastic, thank you for sitting down with me. To continue to support Carl follow him on Twitter @carljoshuancube , Instagram @carljoshuancube and you can subscribe to his website for all the shows, venues and times . However more importantly do continue to support ZimComedy by attending the shows.