EXCLUSIVE: Bryan Adams Show Fact Sheet; How The Show Was Advertised

We reached out to Davies Events, the company that ran the Bryan Adams show to find out their side of the story in the matter.

People have accused the company of not advertising the show and tickets were only made available to white people.

We spoke exclusively to David Davies and he said while he was not able to comment on the opinions in The Herald and Daily News he was able to provide us with a fact sheet on how the marketing campaign was rolled out.

The marketing campaign was rolled out as follows:

  •  Thursday, 14th November 2013 a teaser was placed in the Newsday in the form of an advert.
  • Friday, 15th November the story was broken at 07.00am by ZiFM, live on air. (This ended up being 7:30 after some of the artist’s songs were played)
  • Friday, 15th November the story was broken by the Independent. Full page advert plus editorial. The box office details were released in this editorial and on ZiFM (backed up on Facebook and our website). Click here to view the story in The Independent ( 1mb PDF)
  • Sunday, 17th November a further full page with advert and update on box office details was released in the Standard.

The tickets were sold from a specially constructed public box office, located in Borrowdale. Once the story broke, eager fans made their way to the box office and people queued for hours to get their hands on tickets which were being sold manually. A maximum of 6 tickets per person was enforced so as to ensure that a fair distribution of tickets took place and no one person could secure a block booking. The box office was opened at 6:00pm to allow all fans to make their way to the box office even if they worked during the day.


Fans queue to buy Bryan Adams tickets in Harare

The tickets were all sold out by lunch time on Saturday 15th November and this was communicated in the Standard on Sunday. 

So there you have it folks. There was no secret society in putting this show together.

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