Andy Brown Dead

Zimbabwe has suffered again from ides of March.

Legendary musician Andy Brown has died. He died this afternoon.  He had been admitted to Parirenyatwa Hospital. He had been suffering from pneumonia.

At this moment we are still gathering details on what happened.

We are still in shock. We will tell more when we know.

Rest In Peace Muzukuru. This is so sad. Our thoughts are with his family.

Mourners are gathered at 8 Gibings Road, Cranborne, Harare. We hear that he is set to be buried in Mberengwa.

  • maihwe shamhu yatirova zvino yahorwadza


  • sheu

    RIP mate, your music will live forever!!!

  • Deeply sad by this tragic passing on! 🙁 I shared many memories with Andy and he was a real great person…. I’m one of those who is going to miss him so much! R.I.P Mudara!!!!

  • The man was a legend

  • Kudaemakoni

    RIP andy its hard to say good bye

  • abubakar harry

    So so sad

  • jimmy james tanonoka

    Andy Brown dead?Tapera Veduwe-e…

  • Kumataz

    bless this guy. although different in colour, probably the only person that blended well and was respected.
    mapurisa, emuno muzimbabwe…r.i.p!

    • He made people realize that being Zimbabwean was being in touch with the spirit of the nation and your finger being in the pulse of the country.

  • Ddee

    Maiwe kani, nguva haisi yedu kani…. nhai Andy shuwa waenda kure kure. I miss you and really sitting here listening to your music just feels like only yesterday you were here. Urare zvakanaka hama yangu iwe